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I am a serial traveller, thrilled by planes take off. I love discovering new lands and cultures. Language is not a barrier and smiling eyes are worth a thousand conversations. I like sharing moments with people, in a relaxed and fun way. I am spontaneous, always ready for new experiences.


Keen observer, I can spot extraordinary things in the most common environment. I like as much standing at the top of a mountain or at the heart of a busy city. I enjoy the warmth of the summer evenings chill nearby the sea, the smell of the forest, the after rain... in the meantime urban shapes, city night lights and atmosphere also please me. I look for evidences to see how those environments relate, resonate with people. 


Passionate about human relations and expressions, I am profoundly interested in how people connect/disconnect with each other, with themselves, with reality. Their social self, their inner self, their special moments, their emotions, their transformation.


I do believe that the most important is the journey, not the destination, hence enjoying every moment in life. 








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